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If you want to earn your MBA quickly and travel the world, apply to our 1 Year International MBA program. Tuition is  all-inclusive and covers the two international study tours.

Earning an MBA has many benefits; graduates experience an increase in job opportunities, salary and overall career earning potential. Many MBA programs are not flexible or fast, making it difficult for aspiring students to accomplish their goals. Ashland University offers the 1 Year International MBA program, allowing students to continue working full-time while taking classes on Saturdays and earning their MBA in 1 year. With an affordable all-inclusive tuition, Ashland University makes career growth a reality.

What We Offer

  • 1 Year
  • Saturday Classes
  • 2 International Study Tours
  • Faculty with Real Industry Experience
  • GMAT/GRE Is Not Required

  • International Accreditation

  • Low Faculty to Student Ratio

  • All-Inclusive Tuition: $29,500

Ashland University?

2 International Study Tours

Tuition includes two separate international study tours. Travel the world with your peers and learn first hand from business leaders. This year, we will be traveling to Prague (Czech Republic) and Lisbon (Portugal).

We chose these locations for a variety of reasons. In addition to contributing about 25% of the Czech Republic’s GDP, Prague has a very rich history. In Portugal, Lisbon is the capital and considered a “global city,” with major business sectors that include finance, commerce, media, entertainment, international trade, and tourism.

Students will have the opportunity to see these countries from the perspective of a tourist and a business leader. These international study tours are designed to raise awareness and increase exposure to businesses around the world.

1 Year MBA

Earning an MBA in 1 year allows our students to quickly accomplish their career goals. Unlike other part-time and full-time programs that can take 2 years or longer, our 1 year MBA program is much faster. Additionally, students can continue working full-time because our 1 Year MBA Program is on the weekends, with classes only on Saturday.

Weekend MBA Classes

Life has many commitments, with full-time employment being one of the biggest. We understand, so we created a flexible program. Classes are taught on Saturdays and with one day a week, students earn an MBA in one year. Students will learn the concepts on Saturday, and apply them to the real world on Monday. Working full-time while earning your MBA also keeps students active in the workforce, so that gaps in employment won’t be seen in a resume.


Tuition for the 1 Year International Program is only $29,500. This includes the 2 international study tours, meals, parking and other minor costs. Financial aid is also available, and we are happy to talk with you about the various options, all you have to do is reach out to Steve the Director.

Join 5,000+ Ashland MBA Alumni

MBA graduates consistently say that one of the greatest benefits of earning an MBA is the valuable network they develop. Ashland University hosts networking events and open houses to facilitate relationships between alumni, current students and prospective students. With thousands of fellow successful graduates all over the world, Ashland University can take your network to the next level.

No GMAT or GRE Required

GMAT and GRE test preparation is time consuming and expensive. We don’t let these standardized tests get in the way of your future. At Ashland University, our MBA application process does not require submission of standardized test scores.