The Value of an Ashland MBA

Don’t let the initial investment of an MBA scare you; the payback, in the long run, is worth it! We have crafted a hypothetical MBA candidate profile to show you exactly what we mean.

*All information is based on our average MBA students and data from a recent survey of Ashland MBA post-graduate growth.

Erica Example is a 27-year-old woman currently working at a bank in Cleveland, OH. Her pre-MBA salary is $60,000 per year. She had decided to enroll in Ashland’s MBA Program.

The initial investment of the Ashland University 1 Year International MBA Program is $33,900. Due to the program classes on Saturdays only, Erica Example does not need to take time away from her job and can continue to make her $60,000 current salary for the next year while she takes classes.

The 1 Year International MBA program provides students with such an opportunity for growth that on average, graduates see a 46% salary increase. After graduation, Erica Example is promoted and her salary increases to $87,600.

After just two years with Erica Example’s post-MBA salary, her initial investment is paid off just 13 months after her new increased salary. Of course, she will continue to earn more for years to come.

Want to see how an investment in an MBA can benefit your earning potential?

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MBA Tuition Investment


Loss in Earnings While Studying


46% Increase in Salary After Earning an Ashland MBA

New Annual Salary

# of Months It Takes to Pay off Initial Investment

The above example story and earnings increase calculator are for illustration purposes based on an alumni survey of salary outcomes. Ashland University cannot guarantee or promise the same salary increase for all students, and results will vary.

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