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Whether you’re just beginning your career or switching career paths, the Ashland University MBA Program believes it is important to provide our students and alumni with as many guiding resources as possible.

Our career coach, Karen Hagans, welcomes MBA students and alumni to schedule in-person or tele-appointments to review resumes, discuss career opportunities or needs. Click here to get in touch with Karen.


jobZology® is an online tool with patented predictive analytics to laser focus students to education and career pathways that they will love. jobZology® helps students further develop their gifts and find a predictive fit to a pathway for the next chapter in their lives. jobZology® has efficacy for an age range of sixteen through retirement.

The tool is embedded with features that provide self-discovery, predictive fit measures of education and career options, connections to resources, job readiness tools, career exploration tools, and links to education and employment across the United States. jobZology® enables graduates to establish sustainable lives in careers where they will find joy, purpose, and meaning. Click here to get started with your jobZology® career exploration.




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