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About Ashland

About Ashland University

Since 1878, Ashland University has been a liberal arts and sciences institution, preparing students for exciting professions and careers. In 1978, our centennial year, we introduced the Ashland University MBA program, and 40 years later, over 5,000 students have made their way through the program.

Our Program Is Built on the Core Values of the Dauch College of Business & Economics:

Our program’s vision is to be the provider of choice of managerial resources to organizations in the geographical areas we serve. Our mission is to help our students achieve those competencies most prized by organizations wishing to hire or promote individuals into positions of increasing responsibility. The core values of our program are:

  • Competency-based education
  • Student-centered, experiential learning
  • Systematic stakeholder involvement and outcomes assessment
  • Continual program review and improvement
  • Scholarly activities in research, application, integration, teaching and service

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